How to Set Up an Internet Business with Automated Income
Creating An Automated Income

Welcome to this page, and thank you for clicking on the link. This may be the best thing you've ever done for your financial future.  Let me give you a little background and then I'll get down to business. I've owned and operated a marketing company for 20 years and for the last 12 years I've been building websites for different companies. I'm nearly complete with a doctorate degree in business administration focusing on entrepreneurship, and I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years. I own a marketing company, web development company, a printing company, a farming business, a technology company, a consulting company, and several online businesses, but this only helps you because I know what I'm doing and I will connect you with people that can help you be successful.  Not all of these businesses are automated, but they all operate on systems that allow me freedom.  This is critical, and there is more on this in the training program described below.  My doctor degree is in entrepreneurial training and I'm tired of seeing 8 out of 10 businesses fail when it should be the opposite: 8 out of 10 businesses should succeed.  So that's it for my credibility, now down to business.

Some basic steps to setting up your online business are:

Step 1.  Identify the product you will sell. 
   In the guide I provide more resources, but there are several site you can use to identify a product such as or

Step 2. Decide on a Url and name for your company.  Search for a domain at
Some site capture data, but this one does not.  I own this company.

Step 3. Set up a website with a shopping cart.
  There are many ways to accomplish this and I list several in the guide, but for low cost testing and easy set up that you can cancel anytime go to and click on the link to Build a Website on the right.  Then click Website Builder and choose the economy option.  Add it to your cart, and register your domain name with it at check out.  If you have any trouble call the 24/7 tech support number at the top of the site.  This is the link. .  The website builder is easy to use and will get you up and running with easy drag and drop options.  You can cancel or change your website needs at any time.  My staff can help you at (I own this company too).

Step 4. Drive traffic to the Site.
   Use Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, YouTube, and some basic SEO techniques to get client to your site to purchase.  For more details on how to do this see the page on this website called Internet Marketing Plan.  I provide more information on the marketing plan page and the full marketing plan with templates is available for purchase from that page as well.

The most important thing you need to understand is that it is no longer necessary to trade dollars for hours at a job if you don't want to earn money that way. Technology has made it possible to set up a business within 1 to 2 days and drive traffic to it to create sales, if you are selling the right product to the right people!  Because of my experience in marketing I can help you do this and I want to help you do this.  This is not a one time website.  It is my goal to help you over the long haul, and in the very near future as well.  I am starting a network of entrepreneurs and you are welcome to join. But that's not what this pages about. 

The bottom line is, you landed on this site because you clicked on something telling you about how to make money on the Internet. I have put together a Step-by-Step guide filled with my trade secrets on exactly how to set up an online business personally. This guide is a how-to with step-by-step directions on how to start your own Internet business.  In the guide I provide all the contacts and vendors that I use and make specific recommendations this will save you a lot of time and money, increase your success rate, and reduce your frustration, but most importantly I provide a system for success.  Do everything I tell you to do in this outline exactly and you will have a site that makes money!  I am offering a 120% money back guarantee on this.  If you follow my steps and are unsatisfied, send an email to with your transaction id and get a complete refund plus 20% and keep the tips.  (Realize that you will not remain connected to my network and you will be on your own.  I hope to help you reach your goals, and to remain a resource for you for years to come, but I leave that in your hands.)

Click here to buy, or read on.

In this system you can sell anything, but I will definitely recommend certain products, since this is a critical point in your business set up and will have a huge impact on your success.  Most business owners try to take a product they already know and sell that.  This is stupid if your goal is to make money on the Internet.  There is more discussed on this topic in the guide, but I will tell you exactly how to create a product that you can sell and make money  with, because that is the only reason to set up your site!

I have priced this product to be affordable. My goal is that you will buy it and put it into practice.  That is why I am offering you a 120% moneyback guarantee and a win-win situation.  This is a Step-By-Step Guide with specific links to all of my vendors.

Just to recap, click on the link below and purchase the guide via paypal (secure for you and me both) and you will download a step-by-step procedure to set up your own Internet Online company generating an automated income. This is a company that will have minimal effort on your part, I am not saying no effort, but you should be able to manage it within a few hours a week. That's leaving you quite a bit of extra time to go and do things that are more fun.

I, for instance, will be going to Jakarta in September, Guadalajara in December, and Fiji or Cancun in February. I will stay there for approximately one month on each trip and I'll bring my family with me. I can do this because I don't going to work.  I have been semi-retired since October 2003.  I'm now 44.  I do what I want, when I want, and I want to help you do the same and have that freedom, so that we can play on the beaches of the world.  This sounds too good to be true, but in reality, it isn't! What you will find here are the exact same principles I'm teaching you  and I used them to set up this site to promote this product to you in less than 2 hours.

The skills you will need are not complicated, and they are available on YouTube videos.  If you have very little computer skills, it is time to realize that you have got to improve your skills or technology will pass you by. I can guide you and it might cost you a little bit more (not from me) to pay some to manage technical tasks for you, but you can still make this work. If you can navigate a website and have some idea of how to work on a WordPress blog you won't have any trouble with this.

Okay, so here is your goal - stop trading dollars for hours and create an automated income through providing a product or service on the Internet.  

The cost of the of the Step-by-Step Guide is $60. Click on the buy now button and purchase it.  You will receive the guide in your email within 24 hours. 

Contact me if you have any trouble receiving it.  I am here to help you. Within the document I provide support email addresses, phone numbers, and the phone numbers to my companies. So you can really reach me or my staff from multiple avenues.  My goal is your success.  From that we all benefit!

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If you are too skeptical send an email to and we can start there. 
My staff will show you how to connect with some of the business services my companies offers such as graphic design or web development.  The after you feel more comfortable, come back and buy the guide, get started and let me help you.  Don't stand in the way of your own success, lots of other obstacles will do that for you.

Success to you all,

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